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Certified made in the UK is a social enterprise organisation with a mission to promote UK design, manufacturing and British made products, create transparency between brands and consumers, and help to make it easier for UK businesses to improve sustainability in their supply chain.

We have developed a five option certification system to encompass every industry.

100% Made in the UK - This seal is to recognise the select few brands who create products that are entirely produced in the UK, including raw materials, design, planning, manufacturing, labelling and packaging. Every component of the product must be made in the UK.

Made in the UK -  Manufactured in the UK using UK and imported materials wth at least 50% of the production carried out in the UK including all materials and components. The product may or may not be designed in the UK.

Designed in the UK - Enables brands to promote British design whilst also ensuring transparency for consumers in a positive way.

Grown in / Produce of the UK - for the Agriculture  Industry.

Service of the UK - for UK owned and operated  businesses of which the physical location of all activity is exclusively performed within the UK and no division of work can be outsourced or performed by a person not physically located within the UK.

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